Cedar House Alpacas
Cedar House Alpacas was established in Australia in 1989 and is still running successfully with a herd of between 600 – 800 In NSW Australia. In 2005 the son of owners came to the UK and it was around 2010 that Cedar House UK was born.

Cedar House UK has a herd of in total around 150 alpacas either wholly owned or in Partnership with Manor Farm Alpacas. There is no certain colour we specialise in we believe in having a range of every color to suit everyone's personal preference although Cedar House is Predominantly White.

Edward has a vast Knowledge in Alpacas having been brought up with them and managed some large herd here in the UK before going on his own.

Our services include consultancy for those who need some help in their decisions on breeding as well as a reliable and consistent after sales back-up service sales of pet males or elite stud stock or cheaper females for those buyers wishing to start on a lower budget and breed up and we also offer stud services as you will see in our stud sires. The strong future of this amazing animal and its superior fibre relies heavily on the serious attempt by breeders in every generation to make sound decisions to increase the breeding values of each and every cria.

The worth of valuable genetics will surely be the greatest financial reward you can achieve from your investment into quality alpaca. Let’s breed the very best together.

We have excellent female, pet male and future Stud Males Alpacas for sale in UK.

Cedar House Herd Sires

Cedar House Onyx

ONYX – shown only twice and won 1st place at both shows (AAA National 2010) The biggest show in Australia (Sydney Royal 2009) Proven Stud:3 crias in the UK.


Cedar House Standout

STANDOUT – Super density with low micron and proven pedigree with perfect conrmation, extremely uniformed. Sired by the well renowned champion from Peru Cedar House, Tijera ,Hugo....


Cedar House Storm2

Storm 2 is quite simply outstanding. He has a very fine, very dense fleece with a gorgeous rich, brightness (lustre) and excellent, high amplitude crimp.


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