About Us

about-usLet me tell you about the history of myself and Cedar House alpacas UK.

I was born and raised on a large alpaca farm in Australia, most of my life having lived and breathed alpacas for as long as I can remember.

Cedar House alpaca’s have been established in Australia since 1982 with a herd of between 600 – 800. Wendy my mother is a well known alpaca expert in Australia and is 1 of the most senior judges in Australia and has judged all over the world.

After finishing school I decided to take an apprenticeship in horticulture as this is my other interest, I have always loved growing plants from seed and cuttings. After completing an apprenticeship and receiving my certificate, I decided to go back and work for my parents (Cedar House Alpacas ) and learn more about alpacas, as I realized that’s what I really wanted to do. I could see the potential and benefits of this beautiful fiber after nearly a year working for them  I decided to move over to England in 2005 having secured a job with one of the major breeders at that time, Alpacas of Wessex, after 6 months of being with them I moved on to manage a large herd in Cambridgeshire which has now over 500 alpacas. I was involved in all parts of the business including stud stock selection ( mainly from Australia) sales and showing as well as husbandry and stud sire selection.

In 2010 I was offered a job with the new owners of Alpacas of Wessex, at that time I was not working in alpacas and was travelling around deciding what to do next. I accepted a job with them and managed the stud for nearly a year until the partners decided to sell up and close the company for various reasons. I was a main part of selling of all the assets and winding down the company as a conclusion to finishing with Wessex I was made redundant and decided to set up on my own having known many people and having the advantage of being able to use the well known and established name of Cedar House Alpacas in the UK.

I now run Cedar House Alpaca’s full time and have a good base of loyal clients, as well as some very good quality alpaca and a good base of very good quality stud males. I have formed a partnership with Manor Farm Alpacas and have some very good quality Australian imported stock in the UK in partnership with them.

My goal is to build up stock numbers in the UK and to be able to supply a consistent flow of high quality alpacas in all colours to the European and local market, whilst improving the quality of alpacas every year, through careful stud sire selection. Breeding super dense and fine alpacas on a solid frame, whilst meeting my clients needs. I also have a keen interest and am passionate about end product development as this is the future of alpacas.  I hope I have given you a brief insight about Cedar House alpacas UK.

Kind Regards
Edward Billington