Alpaca Facts

Before Buying

How to look after your Alpaca   –    Basic checklist

Here are the very basic things you MUST be able to do for your alpaca before you decided to purchase. This will keep you alpaca happy and healthy.

  1. Do you have acreage? ( at least one acre is required for 2-3 alpaca). A healthy alpaca requires grazing as well as some hay supplement over winter.
  2. Worming. This needs to be done at least twice per year with a recommended drench. This can be purchased from your local veterinarian.
  3. Vaccination. This is done when the cria is young, 4 to 8 weeks and then again 4 weeks later. This gives their immune system the boost required to sustain health.
  4. Shearing. This must be done on a yearly basis for animal health.

Keeping Your Alpaca Healthy

Basics of overall health and management of alpacas

Obvious (yet not so obvious) essentials for health
 Food
 Water
 Shelter
Reasons that are not so obvious

All alpacas need adequate nutrition, even though they are excellent converters. Alpacas that are under more “stress” – not literally stressed as we would consider ourselves stressed, but metabolic stress: especially growing animals (especially once weaned – 6 months old), and females that are mid to late pregnant or lactating. These animals are producing – milk.

CLEAN FRESH water is essential at all times. Water troughs or containers should be cleaned regularly especially where contamination is a problem and in hot weather to prevent algae and mosses building up, some of which can be harmful.

Especially in inclement weather: stormy, cold and windy: and for freshly shorn animals. Although alpacas are quite hardy in cold weather in full fleece, if they become very wet and it is windy they can suffer from exposure and hypothermia and this can be fatal.