Alpaca Fibre


Alpaca fibre is internationally recognized as being one of the world’s most luxurious fibres and demand for its production is increasing. Its unique qualities of softness and strength, combined with the diversity of 22 natural colours in more than 250 shades have made it sought after not only by the milling industry but also by spinners and their guilds. This makes very interesting breeding as its never known what colour cria you might produce. The Alpaca fibre is commonly known as fibre of the gods.

The alpaca fibre is shorn from them once a year and is graded into colour and micron and the lowest micron is then made into the most luxurious knit wear including very high end ladies wear and suits. All the fibre that comes off the alpaca is used so there is no wastage , this is what i love in breeding alpacas its the challenge of breeding the lower micron and density each generation along with the diverse range of colours never knowing what you might breed it.

Purchasing Fleece Direct From Cedar House Alpacas

Here at Cedar House we are happy to supply whole, unprocessed fleeces in a variety of colours for the home and spinning industries. If we don’t have the colour you are after I’m sure that we will be able to locate one in your preferred colour.

We are happy to send your fleece anywhere within the United Kingdom or Ireland or collection.

For further details please call Edward on +44 (0) 7852731638