Alpacas for sale

If you are interested in farming alpacas you will naturally have a lot of questions. Where to buy the best alpacas from at sensible prices? What after sales support will I receive? How many alpacas can I have on my land size? How to take care of alpaca and what medications do they need? What diseases do alpacas get? What type of alpaca should I start with males or females or Huacaya or Suri? At Cedar House Alpacas we have all answers to your questions. We have the best alpacas for sale in UK with a large choice of colour and age.

If you want to buy an alpaca you need to decide if you want it just for its beauty or to breed high quality alpacas for wool , there are significant prices differences on the quality and pedigree. If your goal is breed the best alpacas and produce wool products – the most important criteria is alpacas wool quality and confirmation. If you are planning to create your own alpaca farm, you should start with healthy and fertile females which are registered with the British alpaca society.At Cedar House Alpacas we always have a good selection of stock available, from breeding females, crias and pet males. Our farm has different ages and colors alpacas for sale in UK and Europe.
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