Herd Sires

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Discover the wealth of fine breeding and good genectics we have to offer with our herd sires, carefully selected for the outstanding results they can bring to your breeding programme.

*General helping with your alpacas. Do you need help with worming, vaccinations,foot trimming, ear tagging, microchipping, matings, breedings, fibre sorting, I have extensive experience in the above and am happy to assist or be left  to complete these jobs.

I am available to assist on any of the above jobs for a minimum fee.  ( 2 hours)  plus travel.

*Herd Consultancy: Do you need an honest appraisal of your alpaca. Sometimes this is not what you want to hear but is necessary to be able to decide on the next phase of your herd improvement.

I also  can advice individuals looking into starting in the alpaca industry.

* After sales advice and Backup : I  am always there to answer any questions you may have whether it be something small or major , don’ hesitate to call we know how daunting it is starting up in alpacas. Still to this day i regulary recieve calls from established alpaca owners asking for advice. I will assist/advise  in the best way I can.