Importing from Australia / New Zealand 

Importing alpacas is a relatively straight forward procedure if you know what you are doing, I know the market very well in Australia and new Zealand and have been over there many times, I have also been involved  with the importation of more than 100 alpacas from Australia over the last 4 years. For more information on Importing from Australia or New Zealand please contact me.

Export within the EU

If you wish to purchase alpacas and take them to your place of residence within Europe all the documentation, testing and transportation can be arranged . Rest assured we have done this before on a few occasions.

Export Outside the EU

For countries outside the EU our handling agent will look into  obtaining  import requirements and liase with the appropriate government bodies.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in importing alpacas to your country of residence from ourselves or other breeders within the UK.