Female Alpacas for sale

We have a large selection of different colors, temperament, intelligent, healthy Alpaca females. Keeping female alpacas doesn’t require much care however if you are planning to breed then a shelter or building is essential to keep the baby in harsh and cold conditions. Alpacas are naturally curious with people and especially with children. Alpacas are interesting, intelligent, funny and perfect for grazing your fields they eat grass and hay and in the winter are supplemented with pellets. We want that our customers would be fully satisfied; all females are carefully selected according to the highest criteria, so we can offer to our customers the best Alpacas for sale. All females are from good genetics, which are characterized by an easy birth, effective lactation and rapid growth. All female alpacas are sold with a guarantee of fertility and all necessary documents. We offer a complete export service, and handle all the necessary documents, to provide customers with best deal and we provide our own transport within Europe. If you have any questions or didn’t find your desired female Alpaca for sale, please contact us.

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